Used to mark a property or method for internal use. Internal Use members are:

  • Not exposed via the API.
  • Not present in the generated TypeScript view models.
  • Not present nor accounted for in the generated C# DTOs.
  • Not present in the generated editor or list views.

Effectively, an Internal Use member is invisible to Coalesce. This attribute can be considered a Security Attribute.

Note that this only needs to be used on members that are public. Non-public members (including internal) are always invisible to Coalesce.

Example Usage

In this example, Color is the property exposed to the API, but ColorHex is the property that maps to the database that stores the value. A helper method also exists for the color generation, but needs no attribute to be hidden since methods must be explicitly exposed with [Coalesce].

If no color is saved in the database (the user hasn't picked a color), one is deterministically created.

public class ApplicationUser
    public int ApplicationUserId { get; set; }

    public string ColorHex { get; set; }

    public string Color
        get => ColorHex ?? GenerateColor(ApplicationUserId).ToRGBHexString();
        set => ColorHex = value;

    public static HSLColor GenerateColor(int? seed = null)
        var random = seed.HasValue ? new Random(seed.Value) : new Random();
        return new HSLColor(random.NextDouble(), random.Next(40, 100) / 100d, random.Next(25, 65) / 100d);