Provides an interface for invoking a method and rendering its result, designed to be use in an admin page.

For each parameter of a method, a c-input will be rendered to accept the input of that parameter. A button is provided to trigger an invocation of the method, progress and errors are rendered with a c-loader-status, and results are rendered with c-display.



<c-admin-method :model="person" for="setTitle" auto-reload-model />


for: string | Method

A metadata specifier for the method. One of:

  • A string with the name of the method belonging to model.
  • A direct reference to a method's metadata object.
  • A string in dot-notation that starts with a type name and ending with a method name.
model: ViewModel | ListViewModel
An ViewModel or ListViewModel owning the method and API Caller that was specified by the for prop.
autoReloadModel?: boolean = false
True if the model should have its $load invoked after a successful invocation of the method.