An full-featured table for a ListViewModel, including a c-admin-table-toolbar, c-table, and c-list-pagination.

The table can be in read mode (default), or toggled into edit mode with the button provided by the c-admin-table-toolbar. When placed into edit mode, auto-save is enabled.



<c-admin-table :list="personList" />


list: ListViewModel
The ListViewModel to render a table for.
pageSizes?: number[]
An optional list of available page sizes to offer through the c-list-pagination's c-list-page-size component. Defaults to [10, 25, 100].
queryBind?: boolean
If true, the Data Source Standard Parameters of the provided ListViewModel will be read from and written to the window's query string. The "Editable" state of the table will also be bound to the query string.