A general, all-purpose date/time input component that can be used either with models and metadata or as a standalone component using only v-model.



<c-datetime-picker :model="person" for="birthDate" />

<c-datetime-picker v-model="standaloneDate" />

    date-format="h:mm a"


for?: string | DateProperty | DateValue

A metadata specifier for the value being bound. One of:

  • A string with the name of the value belonging to model.
  • A direct reference to a metadata object.
  • A string in dot-notation that starts with a type name.
model?: Model | DataSource
An object owning the value that was specified by the for prop. If provided, the input will be bound to the corresponding property on the model object.
value?: Date
If binding the component with v-model, accepts the value part of v-model.
dateKind?: "date" | "time" | "datetime" = "datetime"

Whether the date is only a date, only a time, or contains significant date and time information.

If the component was bound with metadata using the for prop, this will default to the kind specified by [DateType].

dateFormat?: string

The format of the date that will be rendered in the component's text field, and the format that will be attempted first when parsing user input in the text field.

Defaults to:

  • M/d/yyyy h:mm a if dateKind == 'datetime',
  • M/d/yyyy if dateKind == 'date', or
  • h:mm a if dateKind == 'time'.


When parsing a user's text input into the text field, c-datetime-picker will first attempt to parse it with the format specified by dateFormat, or the default as described above if not explicitly specified.

If this fails, the date will be parsed with the Date constructor, but only if the dateKind is datetime or date. This works fairly well on all modern browsers, but can still occasionally have issues. c-datetime-picker tries its best to filter out bad parses from the Date constructor, like dates with a year earlier than 1000.

readonly?: boolean
True if the component should be read-only.
disabled?: boolean
True if the component should be disabled.