A dropdown component that will present a list of suggested string values from a custom API endpoint. Allows users to input values that aren't provided by the endpoint.

Effectively, this is a server-driven autocomplete list.



class Person
    public int PersonId { get; set; }

    public string JobTitle { get; set; }

    public static Task<ICollection<string>> GetSuggestedJobTitles(AppDbContext db, string search)
        return db.People
            .Select(p => p.JobTitle)
            .Where(t => t.StartsWith(search))
            .OrderBy(t => t)


for: string | Property | Value

A metadata specifier for the value being bound. One of:

  • A string with the name of the value belonging to model.
  • A direct reference to a metadata object.
  • A string in dot-notation that starts with a type name.
model: Model
An object owning the value that was specified by the for prop. If provided, the input will be bound to the corresponding property on the model object.
method: string
The camel-cased name of the Custom Method to invoke to get the list of valid values. Will be passed a single string parameter search. Must be a static method on the type of the provided model object that returns a collection of strings.
params?: DataSourceParameters
An optional set of Data Source Standard Parameters to pass to API calls made to the server.
listWhenEmpty?: boolean = false
True if the method should be invoked and the list displayed when the entered search term is blank.